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Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 Macro lens

For a long time this was the only native macro option for the X Mount system. Of course, as will be pointed out by many it is not a "real" macro lens because it doesn't have 1:1 magnification, but rather is limited to 1:2. This however is plenty enough for most of people most of the time and unless you are a strictly macro photographer or are required to print large images of super tiny objects, you will be fine, with 24mpix you will have some space to crop.

What does max. magnification mean in lenses?

The canvas those numbers are referring to of course is not your display, but rather your camera's sensor The maximum magnification describes how large can an image on your sensor be relative to the object you are photographing. If maximum magnification of your lens is 1:1 (or 1x), this means that if your object is 1cm long, it can 'burn' a 1cm long image on your sensor