Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 Macro lens

It comes in a very fancy box

For a long time this was the only native macro option for the X Mount system. Of course, as will be pointed out by many it is not a “real” macro lens because it doesn’t have 1:1 magnification, but rather is limited to 1:2. This however is plenty enough for most of people most of the time and unless you are a strictly macro photographer or are required to print large images of super tiny objects, you will be fine, with 24mpix you will have some space to crop. If you are a macro photographer, by all means go with the new 80mm F2.8, it has 1:1 magnification and, what is really important for long primes, image stabilisation.

1:2 magnification is more than enough for most uses

For a detailed description of what maximum magnification read my entry on the subject here.

It performs great as a ‘normal’ lens, although it sometimes might search for focus

The lens itself is wery well made, it is all metal up to a lens hood. It is sturdy and strong. With constant aperture, the F values are marked on the lens and the ring itself is stepped. The lens is not weather sealed and, what is more cumbersome, does not have stabilisation, which at 60mm (90mm Full Frame equivalent) can really introduce some camera share, forcing you to considerabily crank up the shutter speed. With something Fujifilm X-T20 or X-E3, with maximum flash sync speed set at 1/180th of a second, it might just not be enough if you get close (which is the point of a macro lens), a tripod might turn out to be necessary to avoid camera shake.

1/125th of a second is probably as low as you want to go to get consistently sharp images

The lens focuses externally which means the autofocus, though reasonybly responsive, is not as fast as it could be. It also does not have a focus limiter, which makes it not so suitable as a macro-portrait double, eventhough the focal lenght would indicate this lens as such.


Regarding image quality there isn’t really much to say other than it is superb, the lens is super sharp and its resolution completely covers all the requirements of a 24mpix sensor, you will get crisp sharp images even at 100% closeup with practically no fallout at the edges. It performs well both on close ups and ‘regular’ photography, as long as you manage to catch focus. For casual macro photography it is enough (althoug not more than enough), and even if you are shooting professionally but your objects are not-so-small (like jewellery in my case) this lens is more than capable of giving you the results you need.

This is a 100% crop. No signs of pixelation or any distortion visible



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