First blog post!!!

Hello World!!! Of course, nobody is reading this at the time, maybe in the future, who knows.


My name is Michael, I am an enthusiast photographer located in Berlin and I’m opening this blog to share with the world some of my photography techniques, tips and probably mostly mostly gear reviews.

Those will be conducted from a practical perspective of a casuel photographer who mostly spends money on equipment rather than earning it, photography being mostly my hobby and passion.

I started my adventure with taking pictures around 2015 and had a chance to use cameras like Olympus OM-D EM5, Nikon D5500, Sony a5100 and a6000, but after a short while landed with a full frame Sony A7 II and stayed there, so this is the camera (and system) I have most experience with.


As you can deduct from my short acquaintance with the muse I dont have much experience and technical knowledge on the subject, it may be an adventage as I will present a quasi laic perspective on the subject, looking at things from a paractical perspective as well as image quality. Although the latter is for me very important (I went full frame after all), the former (size, usability and of course the price of gear) cannot be overlooked.

I hope I will continue with this blog – that is if somebody actually reads it:)


colorful autumn leaves on a wall


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