That Fuji colors….

In this blog post I want to touch on the subject of the famous Fuji Colors, that is the color rendition of teh Fuji cameras that are equipped with the X-Trans, in my particular example, X-Trans III sensors


Sony alpha A7 II review from the end of 2017

As I am writing this review, the Sony A7 mk II almost approaches  ist 3rd birthday. In the meantime Sony managed to release the mk II versions of A7s and A7r, the mighty A9 but also A6300 and A6500, RX1R2, 2 versions of their RX10 and RX100 as well as RX0, but still every information …

Sony 16-35 F4 – really great wide angle manual(?) focus lens (SEL1635Z)

The Sony 13-35 F4 is a fruit of cooperation between Sony and Zeiss, is one of the earliest lenses to come out for the Sony Full Frame system and thus is also very close to the original idea of compactness of mirrorless cameras (the idea that we can now consider officially abandoned in my opinion). …